Jul 9, 2012

Red Owned

You are known, you know
I mistook you for royalty.
As if, no dime was ever dropped,
to temporarily immortalize you.
But you're decked
in nothing but a lot of
soft, crisp cotton and
one big, dangling pearl.

You have my apologies.

So many have said so much about you
I’d lend your glare for them, but
Whenever I look in the mirror, I stop.
For one second, then a few.
My mouth opens slightly,
and every time, my teeth show.
On its own,
my tongue never tries to hide them

Why is a mouth red inside?

Visual Image Used: Girl With a Pearl Ear-Ring by Johannes Vermeer. Created around the mid 1600s.

Jun 25, 2012


There's a wind blowing towards the North
and the leaves are aware
a tale begging for insinuation
sets forth cog wheels, circling in
rhythm perfection

intoxicated by half a promise
the lovers dance and revolve,
come rain come hell
come macabre upon their facade
come adultery, come idealism
come real life, come real love.

May 20, 2012

Pyre Green

the smell of cigarette smoke
likes to follow me, can't leave me
it contorts my lies and wrings them
and knuckles knead and knead them
until the diaphragm hurts

thoracic cavity
cavity -
grey ash flies along the night
smoked black
gummy tar
the need, the want
the need not to not want

it follows me
it sticks to me
it looks me in the eye so that I should not sleep
it speaks into my mind so that I should not think
it speaks of you, of
how you can already see
someone else in my skin

May 7, 2012

Of fairness

a poem of little worth is written
by the poet who refuses to
feel everything that they expressed

a poem of little worth is written
about someone who has not earned
the glory of being a muse

a poem of value
should only be born from
something strong
like moon light
like summer fruit
like anger, like hate
like euphoria.

Apr 16, 2012

The Shining

Confused and befuddled, a night arrives
Maybe it’s a new seat you occupy when you look at the moon, 
Maybe it’s the new person in your house
Maybe it’s the lack thereof.
Times when little things that a lot of people have always said
Finally coalesce
And make sense, a horrible amount of sense.
The night when hope disappears

But because truthfully, it was never there at all.

Feb 28, 2012

Black Eye

Try to breathe quietly, and you'll remember
that it was all
only what they thought they should say.

Blink again and see
few have seen you
without reference to
experiences and logic and observations

Breathe again and forgive.
With time
They'll become a little bit wiser for it.

Feb 23, 2012


                And then I remembered
Back straight
Chin up
rising hand, soaring feet.
dainty waist flies up

The feathery skirt sobered down.
Translucent silhouette.

Ever eye, mind lights
The masses rise loudly,
they sparkle and cheer. Now
twirl the air, land on your feet.

Note: The line "Ever eye, mind lights" is from 'Ghazal' by Marylin Hacker.