Feb 10, 2012

and then it ends

like the humility of a bird's existence
that is left perched on a branch, stunned
as the bird itself disappears with two feathery beats.

you know, if you stop breathing properly
if often enough, your heart paces irregularly
your insides will feel like they're about to fall
your backbone will feel flaccid like your lungs
and a few times every hour
they will all just slide for a second,
then they will be caught by
whatever it is in the mind
that holds our bodies together
while we are alive.

its not fear or dread that does this
it is the way a human body works.
feedback mechanism
and a soul trying so hard to forgive.

the beauty however, of being alive,
is that life just goes on
our bodies are willing, prepared to be under duress
just never for too long.
so if you can just,
not die from it all
you will swim.

watch my bird fly now.

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